by Frank

August 20, 2021

Oh boy, this one is a doozy that accidentally brought “Bum Fights” back to life, but this is ten times worse!

A couple went to a homeless encampment to retrieve a few stolen items that were taken during a car burglary.

A brawl breaks out and the people trying to get back their stolen good end up running someone over and killing them.

Oh, and they had a baby in the car.

What was stolen?

Apparently it was a pair of sneakers and a Bluetooth speaker.


Stealing things is never cool and you always want your items back, but there’s a little problem here.

It’s called you don’t bring your baby to a homeless encampment where you will be outnumbered and risk getting into a fight over a stupid pair of sneakers and a speaker.


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You leave the baby at home with a family member and you call the police to go with you.

At the very least, you bring several adult friends if you really need your old sneakers back that bad.

But my goodness, you never bring a baby with you to this sort of thing. What kind of terrible parent are you?

This is like walking into Vietnam with a machine gun and a stroller.

Never mind the fact they are homeless and probably had no shoes to begin with – not that stealing is OK, but I think keeping your baby safe is a lot more important than a pair of shoes. Stealing is never OK, but you can’t be taking your baby to a darn homeless encampment and getting into a massive brawl and accidentally running someone over to the point they actually died later that day.

These folks are homeless and they came out in big numbers to fight for those shoes. It was so bad that some guy came running out of nowhere with a machete. Imagine getting hacked by a machete because of sneakers and your kid is in the car.

These are the dumbest parents I have ever seen and it was all caught on video.

Never risk your kid’s life over stupid objects…


KIRO 7 reports:

The man who drove the car told police he located his shoes and a Bluetooth speaker in the camp, and he took them back to his car.

Police said the couple was immediately attacked by several people in the camp. The driver was seen on surveillance video being hit in the back with a five-foot wooden pole, while another man attacked the driver and smashed the windows of the car with a machete, according to prosecutors. More people from the encampment joined the fight with rocks and sticks, and police said a woman from the camp began fighting with the female passenger of the car.

The driver was desperately trying to get away and sped through the crowd, hitting and killing a man who was part of the group surrounding the car.

SHOES AND A SPEAKER??? DUDE THIS AIN’T GOLD!!! You don’t bring a two week old baby to this!!

A nearby business owner who asked only to be called “Steve,” saw the aftermath, and video taken by witnesses.

“It was a car being attacked,” he said. “Being surrounded by people from this encampment. And they were bashing the car to pieces with bars, sticks, whatever they had. Then the car made a run for it, to break through this crowd.”

One of the guys who was surrounding the car got thrown up into the air and then run over by this vehicle.”

Seattle police arrested two men who live in the encampment for attacking the couple with a wooden pole and a machete.

Yeah no kidding. You’re outnumbered by like 10+ people and some of them are known criminals. Of course they’re going to attack you. They are homeless and have nothing to lose.

I just cannot believe someone took their baby to this.

Who cares about a pair of shoes and a speaker at that point, you got a damn kid to raise.

If you’re going to start some ruckus, then leave your baby home and roll into the camp with a team of guys who can fight so you don’t get your car destroyed.

Or…. you know, call the police.

Showing up with the cops would have been the best, at least they have a gun and you won’t have to run someone over with your baby in the car. Never take your brand new baby to a sh*thole!





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