by Frank

August 17, 2020

The following videos show what happened prior to a man being kicked unconscious and sent to the hospital during a Portland protest. The man who drives the white truck was involved in an incident prior to being attacked where people were pulling at his car, hitting it, and blocking him from driving away. However, it still remains how the man crashed his truck at all. At one point it appears that he was able to drive away, so one can speculate that people were in the road and he swerved so he did not hit them.

But really, we don’t know how or why the truck was crashed.

There’s also some information that suggest he was trying to help a woman who was being robbed, harassed, and beaten by protesters.  Some of those details are murky as well. Either way, it doesn’t exactly appear to warrant the beating as he was sitting on the ground helpless as he was attacked. At that point, the man is no threat to any protesters whatsoever.

It’s somewhat unclear of what transpired before the camera rolled, or what else was said as the whole thing is simply psychotic and chaotic at the very least.

Here’s the video of him being assaulted after his truck crashed, followed by video evidence of some things that happened just before the kick.

It should be noted that it was mainly one protester attacking the man and some others were telling him to stop. Some “medics” came by to help him as he lay there unconscious too, but they were not real medics – just people helping.


Man crashed his truck, then a protester kicks him unconscious at Trending Views

And here’s more footage of the moments before the kick.

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