by Frank

November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving is over, but the craziness is not! This week we’ve got at least one governor who suggested that schools should INTERROGATE the students about if they spent the holiday with multiple families or something like that.

When your kid goes to this particular school, they’ll apparently get a knock knock knock on their locker, dragged into a dark room with spotlights, maybe get a little waterboarding, and then finally someone asks “listen up punk, where were you on Thursday and who else was there?”

And if they get the answer wrong, they all end up in the gulag and they’re taking the parents with them!

So maybe now’s a good time to remind your kids what happens to snitches! Remember kids, don’t be ratting on your parents when the Turkey Cops ask you how you spent the holiday. Don’t be a snitch and end up getting a few lashings like we’re in the 50’s.

Here’s what the governor posted on Twitter as part of his thread, “Unfortunately, we know some will still get together and schools have asked for help. @VTEducation will direct schools to ask students or parents if they were part of multi-family gatherings and if the answer is yes, they’ll need to go remote for 14 days or 7 days and a test.

Now on the other-hand, this week marked the biggest travel day in months, which is actually a really stupid thing.


It’s one thing to travel during a random time when it’s not a holiday, because right now the planes and airports aren’t exactly super spreader crowded. They’re just mildly crowded and it’s easier to keep that clean.

However, we hit a big day of travel this week and sure enough, there was probably a few people who might’ve had this fancy new virus and didn’t know it. And now, it will be in the home of someone else in another city and it will likely spread. I’m not doctor or expert, but that sounds about right.

Should people have stayed home? No, if you’re celebrating a holiday with people locally, like most people do, then I’m sure that was fine. That’s like having dinner any other day of the week.

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If you were in an airport traveling for the holiday and adding to the mass travel problem, then you’re pretty much a jerk. You can visit family and have dinner with them ANY TIME YOU WANT, so if there’s one smart thing we could have all done, it was ditch the airports for the week. If you did travel, then it really is a smart idea to kick back at home for two weeks and prevent the virus from spreading. Some people really are asymptomatic. And, well, some people are jack-wagons who don’t take anything seriously, so both of them are causing this thing to stick around longer than we hoped.

And…. to be fair, if the government had half a brain, they wouldn’t tell US to follow the suggestions and chill at home, they would’ve just shut the airports for the week. If we can’t travel via airplane, then we can’t drop the virus everywhere, right? Just shut it down for a few days or whatever.

We did a small thanksgiving here and it was fine. We see family all the time and Thanksgiving is nothing but a big dinner party full of carbs – we can literally do this every day of the week if we want.

But back to the main point about students being interrogated at school. That’s literally crazy and he’s probably a closet Nazi.




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