by Frank

August 5, 2021

You can’t make this stuff up.

Former President Barack Obama’s former advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was asking Americans for monetary donations to fund the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago as Barry was planning a big party at his estate that’s valued at $11.75 million (source).

You’d think they might solicit donations from some of their wealthy guests instead of reaching out to normal folks on social media.

Jarrett posted the following on Twitter: “My dear friend @BarackObama is turning 60 tomorrow. For his birthday gift, I’m asking you to chip in $6 or $60 to help us bring the Obama Presidential Center to life in Chicago. Donate at (link removed, because we’re not supporting it).”

valerie jarrett obama

Meanwhile, there are people in the country who are still having a hard time recovering after last year. Some people fell back on their bills, lost their job, or had other things happen in their life. But hey, while you’re eating ramen noodles for dinner this week, you should skip a meal and donate $6 to your pal Barry for the library you probably won’t ever step foot in.


If you had to ask me, I would rather the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago get canceled than see a single American donate to it if they’re making less than $100,000 a year.

The government is in the midst of extending an eviction moratorium, economy failing thanks to inflation, and illegal immigration out of control at the border.

But if you’re someone like Valerie Jarrett, then it’s likely that none of those things impacted her life and she’s living just fine. She is extremely out of touch for asking people for money at a time like this, to fund, of all things, a library we don’t even care about.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

On top of that, maybe they should spend the money on getting more police in Chicago instead, because Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s city is in complete disarray and crime is terrible there.

But, you know, Jarrett doesn’t seem to think of important things. She just wants to ask for money for Barry’s pet project.

There’s a lot of things I would rather spend $6 on than donating it to rich people’s pet projects. Rather get myself a value meal for lunch while those wealthy politician folks are busy eating caviar and looking down at us mere peasants.

Rule #1. Never donate a single penny to a politician. They don’t need your money, they want your money.

Don’t be a fool and give it to them, because NONE of them need it.




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