by Frank

August 27, 2020

Colby Covington, a UFC champ who was invited to the White House and a fan of President Donald Trump, sounds like he’s sick of the entitled and overpaid athletes whining and crying about social justice. LeBron James of the Lakers is part of a league-wide protest where they canceled today’s NBA playoff games in support of social justice after a man refused to comply with police, got tasered, ran to his car and reached in and ended up getting shot by the cops.

Since the man who was shot is black, that sparked social unrest. Many people think that if the man who was shot was white, that it would be just like any other criminal getting shot for non-compliance and we wouldn’t see riots or protests. And, chances are, they’re right. If Jacob Blake, the criminal who was shot, was white – would we even be talking about it right now?

Covington has now publicly challenged James to drop his ritzy, safe, white privileged million dollar job as a basketball player and go be a cop for a day. Go see what it’s like when you’re up against criminals who refuse to stop breaking the law and insist on running, fighting back, and even worse – possibly shooting, stabbing, or hitting you with their vehicles.

We’ve seen plenty of incidents where criminals attack the police and cops want to go home to their family or just to their dogs. Why shouldn’t they be given that same respect that Democrats are demanding for the disrespectful criminals of society.

Covington said on Twitter: “Oh wow, you postponed your games?! Wanna prove you’re really about change? Quit your multi million dollar jobs and soft privileged lives playing a kids game, take a massive pay cut and perform the toughest job in America. Become cops!!!!






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