by Frank

June 13, 2020

TEXAS — A 92-year-old woman got some bad news about her car tires. A nail in one tire and the others were fairly worn down, cracked, and needed to be replaced. But then her day got all the more better when she found out a Texas State Trooper had paid for her tires to be replaced.

She had no idea this would happen, but it turned out to be a great moment she will happily appreciate!

Her name is Mary Summers and she was working with her mechanic, Omar Oregueda, but there was just nothing he could do to save the tires. They needed to be replaced so she could drive safely, but Mary couldn’t afford it.

She wanted to do just one tire for now, saying to him, “Well, I can’t do all the tires. I can just do the one. Just tell me much the one is going to be.”

That’s when her day got all the more better!

The Texas State Trooper had been sitting in the waiting room behind her, waiting for his oil change, and that’s when he stood up and took care of the bill for her.


But at first, she had no idea!

Her car came back with four fresh tires and they were all paid for. She asked the mechanic who paid for it, and he told her what happened.

By then, the Texas State Trooper had already left.

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But Summers wanted so badly to say thank you. It was KHOU who tracked down the state trooper, identified him as Texas DPS Trooper Drew Stoner, and united the pair so Mary Summers could finally say thank you for his kind gesture.




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