Woman smashes laptop on husband's head on airplane

The man in this video suffers from tough love! A woman named Tiffany McLemore has gone viral after being caught on video yelling cuss words and smashing her husband in the head with a laptop - all while they're on an airplane. This is easily one of the most crazy videos I have seen this summer. There is no disputing that.

Based on a report by Heavy.com, the woman had accused him of looking at another woman on July 23. She began talking about it while on the flight and that's when the language became loud and offensive. The flight attendants reportedly tried to tell her to keep it down or stop using the language. At one point the woman screaming says "Never come to my house again, n*****! I’ll call the police on you!" The attendants also tried to get McLemore's husband to switch seats, likely in hopes to deescalate the situation.

As the hubby moves out of his seat, he has go passed his wife, and that's when it escalates further. It went from a 7 to a 25 and the woman actually chased her husband down the aisle and hit him in the head with a laptop. That's when the crowd on the plane lets out one of those crowd moving jeers and people are all like 'ohhhhhhhhhh.'

Heavy quoted the Miami Herald, stating that "McLemore became angry with her husband, identified as Guillermo Ocampo, because he was ignoring her. The Herald report goes on to say that none of those who were allegedly hurt by McLemore amid her furor, wanted to give official statements. Ocampo did not give a statement and said that he does not want to press charges. The article adds that police were unable to find McLemore inside of the airport in order to question her."

So what happens next? If the husband does not file a report, then the police might not be able to proceed with any sort of arrest or investigation.

Luckily for the Internet, it was caught on film and posted to Twitter by Julia Scorupco.

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