Woman with megaphone gets EGGED by a teenager in public

June 14, 2021 / 36.9K views

Some lady with a megaphone is walking around outside. Not sure if she's protesting something, but this is where it goes bad for her. Some teenager runs up behind her and flops an egg on her head. She just keeps going and he runs off.

Is this teens making childhood fun again? This is like something kids from the 90's would do before all the smart phones came out and made everyone stupid. Now teenagers are sitting around on their phones and not riding bikes and doing teenager stuff like back in the day. I'd rather see kids egg a lady than sit on their phones all day. Not that egging someone is OK or ever acceptable, because it's not, but it's actually refreshing to see someone running in the street instead of sitting on social media.

Also, if that was in my town, the lady probably would have whooped his you know what! Around here, they'll chase you down and deliver some street justice!!

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