Woman has no shame, just look at what she did in this video

June 14, 2021 / 7.3K views

Here's a woman I would never want to be related to. She's at a baseball game and catches a homerun or foul ball as a child is trying to catch it. The woman basically takes over the spot and makes sure the kid doesn't get it, then she walks over like she's so awesome and high fives people. Meanwhile, the kid walks away quietly, not even complaining. Just goes on their way like a good kid.

If this lady is you, then just know that I think you're a huge scumbag and your hair looks stupid. If there's a kid in the ballpark trying to get a ball, and you're an ADULT who takes it from them, then you're literally just a scumbag and human filth. Give the kid the ball. This makes their day more than anything you know and sometimes that's all it takes to make a kid have a wonderful memory in their life.

But hey, if you're Karen the Scumbag, then you just don't do nice things that remind people of the good humanity out there.

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