Woman falsely claims Covid shot makes people magnetic and has microchip

May 22, 2021 / 837 views

This lady is suggesting that a Covid shot contains a microchip and makes people magnetic.

Her claims are not only false, but really stupid too.

Her little trick is easy to do - just lick one side of the coin or whatever she's got and it will stick to your arm.

The funniest shirt I have ever seen is the one that says "PEOPLE SUCK" and it fits perfectly: Get yours here!

Or maybe she put something sticky on that side. Either way, the government doesn't need to microchip anyone who gets the shot because they make a medical record of it that essentially says the same thing.

And if anyone wants to track Americans, we; they don't need to worry about the government doing it when we have smart phones, Alexa, and all sorts of smart devices that we are literally talking into every day. This lady is literally fake news.

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