Wallace says Trump had almost a year to prove theory Leftist media kept refusing to investigate

June 14, 2021 / 1.1K views

In today's version of "omg that is 100% nonsense" we have Chris Wallace saying that former President Donald Trump had almost a year to prove the Wuhan lab leak theory. This happened during a chat with Mike Pompeo.

Well, here's the thing folks. Trump had a THEORY on what he thought happened. It was just a theory, nothing else. Trump is NOT a scientist, he's just a guy who explored an idea and wondered if it was possible. Meanwhile, the leftist mainstream media kept mocking Trump and ignoring his theory because HE said it. They hate Trump, so anything he says, they always appear to go against. It's like they don't care what he says or if it's right or wrong - if Trump says it, the leftist media goes against it.

Now here's the other thing. When people think of a theory, then scientists and people who know what they're talking about are the ones who should investigate to see what happened. That's what we need - we need science-educated people to investigate all possible theories to give us the best answers possible. But Wallace shouldn't be acting like Trump was going to fly to China with a lab suit on and do the investigation himself. That's now how this works. That's not how any of this works!

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