Swamp Creature Candidates for NY Mayor give insulting landmarks for Rudy Giuliani

June 11, 2021 / 929 views

Several swamp creature candidates for NYC Mayor are asked which landmark they would name after former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Each of the candidates gives an offensive remark, despite Giuliani's time as mayor being one of the most memorable times in history since it occurred during 9/11.

As reported on CBS News:  "Candidates are asked which landmark they'd name for Rudy Giuliani Adams: "Rikers Island" Wiley: "A dump" Yang: "An anchor at the bottom of the sea" Garcia: "A sewage plant" Stringer: "Affordable housing development, formerly Trump Tower. We could call it Giuliani Way"

Say what they will about Rudy now, but he was America's Mayor during 9/11 and they should at least respect that.

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