Students Erupt in CHEERS when teacher says Masks No Longer Required

June 16, 2021 / 869 views

This is just awesome!!! These students look like they just woke up on Christmas as they're cheering and happy!!

Daily Wire: "On Tuesday, Israeli schoolchildren erupted in cheers when they were told by their teacher that they could remove their masks. The teacher told them, “I want to inform you that the government has ruled that from today you no longer need a mask.” “Children headed to school and adults to work without masks for the first time in more than a year,” Reuters reported. “Israelis have not had to wear masks outdoors since April. … Israel has this month logged either zero or one daily COVID-19 deaths, Health Ministry data show. New infections have been in a steady but gentle decline after a steep drop-off in February and March. The ministry said masks would still be required of unvaccinated patients or staff in medical facilities, of people en route to quarantine and of passengers on commercial flights.”

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