SMDH: Woman confronts man hoarding gas in garbage bag

May 22, 2021 / 1.9K views

A woman confronts a man hoarding gas at a gas station. He's doing it in the most stupid way possible, putting it in a garbage bag and then in a square container.

This absolute moron is spilling gas all over the place and she's just calmly letting him know he's doing it wrong and reminding him that his IQ is probably a temperature.

Seriously folks, how stupid can someone be? The red containers are what, like $5 at any store? Does this guy know what happens when the gas starts evaporating in his garage and there's a spark? What about the possibility of his truck exploding? There's a reason they tell you to put gas in the red plastic containers. But anyway, that guy is an idiot and this is proof.

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