Security guard vs BLM protester - and one of them got arrested

September 6, 2020 / 1.8K views

Here's a security guard with a Black Lives Matter protester up in his face. He kinda picks the guy up and then pushes him away. If you look at the protester's left hand, you'll see his hand and megaphone are up by the security guard's neck. Not sure if he's digging in or the hand is there accidentally.

Either way, if a security guard tells you to back up, then BACK UP. Get the heck out of the way and stop thinking you can do what you want. You can't. Have some darn respect.

Anyway, the Dallas cops actually locked up the security guard for this, according to a message posted by Trump supporter Brandon Straka.

He wrote:

"FOLLOWERS I NEED YOUR HELP!!! BLM agitator infiltrated stage area of today’s rally then put his fist into security’s neck when being removed.

@DallasPD ARRESTED THE SECURITY AGENT!! He’s been held for over 4 hours! Dallas PD not releasing security agent. RT &DEMAND his release!!"

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Source: twitter
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