Sad News for Liberal Media as Darling Anti-Trumper Avenatti is off to Prison

July 9, 2021 / 543 views

Democrat darling and liberal media's favorite anti-Trumper lawyer Michael Avenatti is being sent off to prison. But this video is mostly a reminder of how much the liberal media gushed over Avenatti, and now they're probably licking their wounds, eating crow, and wishing they didn't waste so much time with Avenatti and hating the orange guy. Looks like the media messed up on this one!

Curtis Houck wrote: "Thanks to @AmericaRpts  co-host @SandraSmithFox  for citing a 2019 study from @NewsBusters 's Bill D'Agostino ( that showed, in one year, CNN interviewed Avenatti 122 times and 108 times on MSNBC.  .@AriFleischer : "He is a symbol of the anti-Trump era."

Source: twitter
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