Protester got shot 5x's in 'Autonomous Zone' blames cops for leaving him there

June 25, 2020 / 2.6K views

This guy on the video claims he was shot 5x's in the stomach in the CHAZ protester area located in Seattle. He's also saying he needs help, which could be legal help, to get his story out there.

His story is that the cops allegedly left him there. He also suggested the shooting was motivated by race.

Well, newsflash, buddy-O, the cops were not allowed in by the CHAZ rules, since it was an autonomous zone.

Hey, it was their rules, not the cops.

King 5 reported: "A protester shot just outside the what’s called the Capitol Hill Organized Protest Zone (CHOP) over the weekend wants to know why police didn’t respond quicker.

From his hospital bed, 33-year-old DeJuan Young said he's alive because of CHOP protesters.

“I put my life in their hands and they didn’t let me down,” Young said.

Young said that he was leaving the CHOP to head home early Saturday morning. He says four men approached him, called him a racial slur and shot him.

“I’m positive this was a hate crime,” Young said. “When he shot me, the recoil and the surprise pushed me on top of the hood of the vehicle. At that time, he stood over top of me and continued to shoot. And I tried to block myself." 

Young said that despite being outside the CHOP zone, it was volunteer medics and not the Seattle police or fire department that tended to him and ultimately drove him to Harborview."

Source: king5
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