Pelosi stammers on about possible Jan 6 commission, but has no real answer otherwise

June 15, 2021 / 958 views

Fox News Capitol Hill Producer Jason Donner posted: "Speaker Pelosi on 1/6 commission after meeting w/committee chairs. “How we proceed is what we were discussing and we’ll consider several options as we go forward…we’re looking at a couple of suggestions that were put forth to come to a conclusion on this, which will be soon."

Pelosi implies that they might move forward with some sort of January 6 commission, but they're basically not sure of anything else - such as how to move forward or what to do next.

What do these people do for their 6-figure salaries? Sit around and talk about how to move forward without actually having an idea of how to move forward? Why don't they get these taxes and gas prices down? That would be a helpful thing for government to do.

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