Park Ranger pushed in pond when trying to enforce social distancing

May 3, 2020 / 41K views

Sorry, couldn't help but laugh at this one as a park ranger in Texas is actually trying to take his job seriously and enforce the social distancing, but some guy comes up and pushes him in the pond.

Sure, the guy got arrested, but we still got this funny video out of it and no one was hurt (I don't think).

From NY Post, "A Texas park ranger was pushed into a lake while trying to enforcing social distancing regulations in Austin.

The plunge was caught on camera at Lake Austin on Thursday, with the clip beginning as the ranger seemingly politely asks a group of parkgoers to disperse and keep six feet apart to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

But then a shirtless man, identified by police as Brandon Hicks, 25, can be seen running up and shoving the ranger, sending both into the water.

Hicks is then allegedly recorded jumping out and running off into the distance.

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Hicks was arrested and faces charges of attempted assault on a public servant"

Source: twitter
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