No Vax Tax: Florida Concert tickets selling for $18 if vaccinated, $999 if you're not

May 30, 2021 / 1.3K views

Nothing says rock and roll like doing exactly what the government tells you to do and I am 99% sure this is not how you rage against the machine.

Either way, this one concert promoter is selling show tickets for $999.99 if you're not vaccinated, but you get discounted tickets for $18 if you've gotten the jab, as reported by ABC.

A concert promoter in Florida came up with a creative way to encourage his community to get vaccinated by offering $18 discounted tickets to an upcoming show for those who have been vaccinated -- and charging $999.99 per ticket for those who have not.

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Paul Williams of Leadfoot Promotions in Tampa Bay said he came up with the idea as vaccination appointments in his state opened up to all, and while trying to plan a concert that people could safely enjoy after over a year of living through a pandemic that shut down most live events with crowds.

"I also wanted it to be a vaccine drive to get the fence-sitters off the fence," Williams told ABC News. "I wanted to get the kids that want to go to shows to go out and get their shots."

If I was in a rock band, then I wouldn't want my concert tickets tied to any political agenda whatsoever. I wouldn't want to annoy my fans in any way at all - no matter what the cause is. That's not music anymore, that's activism, and it's 100% BS.

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Source: abcnews

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