McFarland: Biden talked a good game, but 'Has Done Nothing' about Putin

June 13, 2021 / 857 views

President Joe Biden gets roasted like a rotten coffee bean when KT McFarland steps in the room and obliterates the mumbling president for talking a big game on Putin, then doing literally "nothing" as far as McFarland is concerned.

But in all honesty, what has Biden done about any world leader? It's like once Trump left the White House, the world leaders who were held in check before stopped respecting America because they know Joe Biden is a soft president who is likely to tolerate more nonsense than Donald Trump was.

And Kamala Harris? Don't get us started on her. She doesn't have the skills to be anywhere near the White House, not even as a garden tool. Wait, that's a pun. Don't hate me for that one. So.... what garden tool would she be?

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