Man sends friend roll of toilet paper across town via Drone

March 30, 2020 / 131K views

A man named Ian Chan posted a video on Twitter showing a drone deliver a roll of toilet paper. Chan wrote, "When you need that t.p. but Amazon is out, and you’re not supposed to leave your house; tech San Francisco doesn’t fail. Thank you @chenosaurus for the speedy cross city delivery- I owe you one."

Chan followed up his original message with this, "there’s lots of people out there (here in US and other countries) in not good spots. I’m taking it very seriously. But hopefully this dumb tweet added some brief humor / happiness into your timeline/day. Stay safe & healthy everyone."

And to this, we say THANK YOU IAN CHAN for giving us some much needed fun in our day.

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Chan's original video is here, followed by the comments:

Source: twitter

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