Kamala Harris announces $25 million 'voter protection team' DNC expansion

July 9, 2021 / 813 views

Vice President Kamala Harris announced a $25 million DNC expansion to build the largest "voter protection team" and it honestly sounds like a waste of money. Couldn't they just spend that money making sure everyone has a voter ID? The Democrats keep acting like people are incapable of getting an ID, despite them doing literally everything else on the planet, so why aren't the Democrats focusing on voter ID? We have a lot of ideas why the Democrats won't do that, but you can come to your own conclusion as Kamala Harris wastes $25 million on her DNC expansion team.

Politico's report said: "Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday announced a $25 million expansion of the Democratic National Committee’s “I Will Vote” campaign, a move intended to increase voter registration, turnout and protections. “With this $25 million, the Democrats are investing in the tools and technology to register voters, to educate voters, to turn out voters, to protect voters,” Harris said at Howard University in Washington. “People say, ‘What’s the strategy?’ Well, I just outlined it.” “Regardless of who you are, where you live, what party you belong to, your vote matters. Your vote is your power,” she added."

Source: politico
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