Jill Biden gets softball question about message on jacket, gives shallow answer anyway

June 11, 2021 / 1.1K views

First Lady Jill Biden gives one of the most shallow and pointless answers to one of the most pointless softball questions from a reporter. Biden is asked about the message on her jacket, which isn't really a message, it's just the word "love" and that's it. So clearly, if there's a message, it's already self explanatory and reporters can stop asking such silly pointless questions.

Biden answered it though, saying: "Oh, the love? I think that we're bringing love from America."

Great job everyone! Wow, this is such hard hitting journalism. There has to be an award for this level of insight and dedication to ask the first lady about a WORD on her jacket. Wow, astonishing, I don't know how this isn't Pulitzer material.

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