Hero Cops LIFT CAR off woman to save her life after hit and run

June 15, 2021 / 1.4K views

Democrats may rethink defunding police after they watch this video. Hero cops literally LIFT a CAR off a woman to save her life after a nasty hit and run incident.

From Fox2 Detroit:

Dramatic dash cam video of a horrible car crash in Pontiac at the intersection of Rundell and Edison Thursday morning. The violent crash left an innocent woman pinned under her car and a 2-year-old boy dangling upside down.

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From The Blaze:

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard recalled that when deputies arrived on scene, they were forced to make a quick decision to save the woman's life.

"The woman had been ejected from the vehicle, she was trapped under the vehicle with only part of her leg sticking out, she was unconscious," Bouchard said. "They realized this was life and death, she's underneath the car, they couldn't wait for any kind of wrecker assistance, and the jaws of life probably wouldn't even be functional."

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"She didn't have the time to wait so they got as many bodies there as fast as they could, lift[ed] the car and pull[ed] her out," he continued.

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