Four people named as the reason James Comey won't face indictment

August 30, 2019 / 2.1K views As seen on Tucker Carlson's show, Victor Davis Hanson said:

"He [Comey] took four of them home and he used them as an insurance policy in case something would happen. When he was fired he used them. And then he said they were confidential and not classified. Well, who made that determination? Well after it all blew up to the press the FBI panicked and said these hadn’t been classified or categorized as anything. Let’s go back and look at them. And who were they? Who were the four people who looked at them? They were Mr. (Bill) Priestap, and we know he had gone to London three times involved with Christopher Steele and British Intelligence. There was James Baker who we know was leaking to Mother Jones to get out the Steel dossier to the press before the election. And in an Orwellian sense there were Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, no comment needed. Those four people after the whole thing blew up they got together and said let’s categorize these. Oh, the ones that Comey took home we determined are confidential and not felonious. And the ones he left behind, we will say are classified but he’s not subject to criminal exposure because he didn’t take those three home."

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