Female cop can't handle male suspect, several rush to help her

May 31, 2021 / 35.8K views

Here's a female police officer, trained to get physical and fight, and she gets dominated by this male suspect.

Thankfully, there's several citizens who rush to help her and get this dude off the police officer.

This video is just more proof that men are the physically dominant species and men and women are NOT equal or the same. We're just not built the exact same and we never will be, in my opinion.

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A male police officer of her same size likely would have a much harder punch or simply be better at fighting.

Just another reason why I also think women and overweight people should never be cops or firemen. When duty calls, we want the smartest, healthiest, and strongest people out there - not some small lady who can't fight or someone who weighs 105lbs soaking wet who can't rescue us from danger. And not some guy who weighs 250 lbs because he eats jelly donuts for every meal and can't even chase someone.

Sounds mean, but it's just me being honest and I know pretty much everyone agrees if they have a half working brain.

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