Fauci claims they 'Always Felt' to keep an open mind on Lab Leak, despite once throwing water on the theory

June 16, 2021 / 854 views

Dr. Fauci is now saying they always felt like people should keep an open mind on the possible lab leak theory, but says it was probably a natural occurrence. Fauci says it's a bit of a distortion that anyone is suppressing the idea of the lab leak theory. However, Insider ran an article on Fauci discussing the doctor throwing water on the theory. So what exactly does this all mean? Did Fauci not believe the theory before, but says keep an open mind now? Was the mind always open before, or just recently as more people begin to talk about it? Where does Fauci think this came from?

Here's the image from Insider showing their title and date of publication:

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