Democrat Lawmakers called out for Double Standard with Law Enforcement

July 10, 2021 / 636 views

Here's another good clip from Fox News host Tucker Carlson who's calling out the Democratic lawmakers who have obvious double standards when it comes to police officers. It seems like many Democrats have called to defund the police, but when it comes to their own protection - you don't hear anything about that. Democrats were also praising the Capitol police officers for their work on January 6, despite the entire day being poorly managed and not having anything done right - which is another story itself - and it makes many people wonder why Democrats are cheering for some cops, but not the others.

So it's OK for the politicians to have the Capitol police, but some Democrats want cops defunded in other towns? How is that fair? How is that not a double standard? Many of the politicians are wealthy beyond their six-figure salary, why don't they just buy their own security if they're so worried? You can't call to defund police and then tell the Capitol police they're doing a good job - that's an obvious Democrat double standard.

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