Dem. Rep faces calls to resign after saying white men are too sensitive for politics

July 9, 2021 / 737 views

You could say this kind of thing when cancel culture wasn't a thing and everyone had a backbone or knew how to take a joke. But nowadays we have so many people crying over the littlest jokes, the smallest comments, and the most nonsensical things you could imagine.

So it's no surprise that a Democrat Rep. made a comment about white men and now the community wants her to resign. You see, ten years ago she could say this comment and we'd all laugh, but now there's people in her own town who want her to resign. And one of the only reasons people are calling for her to resign is because if the shoe was on the Republican foot, the Democrats in the neighborhood would have canceled the Rep. already.

Maine Journal News reported: "Maine State Rep Charlotte Warren (Democrat - District 84 - Hallowell / Manchester / West Gardiner says “straight white men are too emotional to be in politics.” Imagine the uproar if someone said “gay white women are too emotional to be in politics?”"

Here's what the Democrat Rep. said - and even worse, she can't even spell. How are you representing the nation as part of government and don't even use spell check on your post shaming white men? Sheesh!

Cierra Jordan reported: "In response to Representative Charlotte Warren's Facebook post, community members are taking action and coordinated a protest "Resign Charlotte Warren" at Hallowell City Hall. We will have the latest tonight at 6pm."

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