Cops shoot man while he's live streaming on video

May 7, 2020 / 806 views

It almost sounds like the guy is on the phone with the police and said "please come get me" and I don't really know what else is going on. But, yeah, there's a shooting going on, so.... yeah... wow...

However, it was posted on some random YouTube page with this info:

OMG TV wrote "A man running from cops was gunned down by police after bailing from a car ... and the officer-involved shooting was captured on the dude's live stream. The wild scene unfolded Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis ... and the video picks up with the man behind the wheel of a car, calling out the street he was on ... and pleading for someone to "come get my stupid ass." All of this as he live streamed from a phone. After bailing from the car, he started running on foot. It sounds like someone yelled, "Stop, stop." Then you clearly hear him respond, "F**k you" ... and then a flurry of gunshots rang out as the man fell to the ground. The phone's camera came to rest pointed up toward the sky ... and continued streaming. That was followed by tons of police sirens and someone screaming, "Oh my God!"

Source: youtube
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