CNN contributor says life should be hard for the non-vaccinated

July 12, 2021 / 635 views

CNN medical contributor Leana Wen suggests that life should be "hard" for non-vaccinated Americans and they should undergo "twice weekly testings." See, the thing is this - more people might get the shot if places like CNN were not politicizing it so much. Just tell us it's a good idea and stop making it about politics. Stop talking about it on CNN. Let US decide with our doctors what is best. We already get plenty of vaccines as children and they seem to work pretty well. We don't see chicken pox anymore, right? OK, so if this one is good too, then stop talking about it on stations like CNN and making it seem like a political choice. It's being rammed down people's throats and that's why many people are rebelling against the government. Maybe not everyone wants the government involved in their medical choices. Perfect example is how bad the Obamacare system is... and it's not even affordable!

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