Antifa tries stealing woman's flag and fails, she totally holds her own

October 5, 2020 / 1.9K views

A few Antifa looking people try stealing a woman's flag in Portland, but she is tough and holds her own, coming away with her flag in hand. The agitators also pull her down by her hair and she still doesn't let go. The worst part about this video is that none of the so-called "patriots" bothered to help her. There's a guy who's like 6-feet tall just standing there watching her be assaulted and he does NOTHING. That guy is an embarrassment and should stay home next time he thinks about going outside and holding the American flag in his hands. He should have been ripping those people off her, but he did NOTHING and a little Antifa girl stood him up. I'd be ashamed if I were him.

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