You asked on Google. I answered on here.

What is Trending Views

Trending Views is a website with trending news and trending news videos. The typical person who reads this website knows their gender, uses the correct bathroom, and does not think men can get pregnant - they cannot. They also find humor in memes and have more than 1/1024 Indian in their blood.

Who is Dan Crenshaw

Dan Crenshaw is a member of Congress. He lost an eye fighting in the great meme war of 2016. He is one of the few intelligent new members of Congress.

Should killing female gamers in online games be considered rape?

That answer is no. That question, should killing female gamers in online games be considered rape, stems from the creation of a fabricated image that suggested a feminist asked that question. In other words, a meme. While extreme feminism is indeed stupid, this question was not ever actually asked, at least not on record.

What is the story ABCDE about?

This is a story about a mom who is one of the dumbest dumpster licking morons of society. She named her child ABCDE and thinks it is pronounced AB+CITY. Yes, this is a real story, and she is clearly a dreg.

Who is Stacey Abrams?

Stacey Abrams is a fat ass Democrat who lost her gubernatorial election in 2016 and has a gap so big you could park a Cadillac in it. To this day she still does not believe she lost her election fair and square, despite the fact that there was a recount and she lost that too.

Who is Mark Epstein?

No clue who that guy is. At least his name isn't Jeffrey Epstein.

What is 4Chan?

4Chan a world famous website who announced Jeffrey Epstein's death 38 minutes before any news corp had it. They're also famous for making depressed Tumblr girls smell their own farts and grow armpit hair. It's mostly frequented by people who appreciate the world goals accomplished by famous Internet heroes such as Goatse and Tubgirl, and sometimes even the guys from Lemon Party.

Who is Aaron Hernandez and why are his memes so funny?

He's the gangster New England Patriots tight end who liked getting it in his tight end. He may have killed someone and then he killed himself. Aaron Hernandez memes were born that day. It's been a while since any NFL had a killer tight end combo like Hernandez and Gronkowski.

Why did Afroman punch girl?

Probably because he got high.

Who is Airwrecka McBride

Airwrecka McBride is the product of a hoodrat mother who clearly does not value education. It's unknown what hood she represents or how many fathers left her mother's kids. She's a victim of a bad name given to her by her parents... or her mom if daddy left.