Protesters ransack UPS truck, one man killed when dragged under tire and it's on camera

Protesters hijacked a UPS truck as it was driving through town. That's when things went really wrong. One protester was climbing on the truck and apparently jumped or fell off, and when he did, he got caught under the tire on the passenger side.

The truck driver likely had no idea the man was there as he kept driving.

The protester has since passed away and now there's an investigation as to what happened.

A lot of the scene was caught on video and posted by a Facebook user.

The video contains some disturbing imagery.

KMOV4 wrote:

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Detectives are investigating after a man was killed after being dragged by a FedEx truck overnight in downtown St. Louis following a night of protests.

The accident happened near N. Broadway and O'Fallon around 3:08 a.m. The man was taken to a hospital where he later died, police said. 

An accident reconstruction team was called to the scene to investigate.

Bystander Jared Arms captured video of the incident. Protesters had blocked off the street with their cars and were seen setting something in the road on fire when the FedEx truck approached. The video captured protesters banging and climbing onto the FedEx truck.

A man, who was seen standing between the truck's two trailers, was dragged by the semi truck just moments later.

News 4 is working to confirm if packages were stolen from the FedEx truck.

This is rather disturbing. It's bad to loot a truck, but folks - do NOT climb on these vehicles. They are so big that the driver really cannot see or tell if you are there in some instances, so keep that in mind.

Also, since it's on video, anyone in the video is now facing possible charges if they stole or committed any other crimes.

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