Lesbian unhappy with results of sperm bank files lawsuit

A lesbian woman who went to the sperm bank to have a child is NOT happy about the child who came out.

Jennifer Cramblett from Uniontown, Ohio is lesbian who does not want to be involved with a man, but does want to have a family. She decided to use a sperm bank where she could attempt to pick what color eyes and hair she wanted her baby to have.

This should have been a straight forward situation however as with anything, accidents can happen. There was a mix up at the sperm bank and instead of sperm from a man with blonde hair and blue eyes she received sperm from a black man who likely had dark hair and dark eyes.

Jennifer found out about the mix up at the sperm bank nine months later after she gave birth to a mixed race baby girl. Cramblett filed a lawsuit for wrongful birth against Midwest Sperm Bank in Illinois.

Jennifer Cramblett, like many lesbians, didn’t want a man in her life but still wanted to have a child. So the Uniontown, Ohio, woman went to Midwest Sperm Bank in Illinois.

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But the sperm bank made a glaring error that only came to light 9 months later when she gave birth to a beautiful, mixed-race girl. So Cramblett sued the sperm bank, but her case was thrown out of court.

So Cramblett and her partner went to Midwest Sperm Bank and chose the sperm of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man.

However, when Cramblett’s daughter, Peyton, was born, she did not have blonde hair or blue eyes. She was obviously of mixed race. The sperm bank had mistakenly used the sperm of a black man. Cramblett proceeded to take the sperm bank to court for “wrongful birth.”

Despite the fact that Jennifer filed a lawsuit against Midwest Sperm Bank, the judge threw the lawsuit out and told Jennifer and her partner that they can not claim wrongful birth because their baby, Peyton was born healthy. The judge has informed the couple that they can file under a negligence claim.

Judge Robert Sutter, however, said that Cramblett could not claim wrongful birth because Peyton was born healthy. The judge informed Cramblett that she could re-file under a negligence claim.

One may think that Jennifer and her partner would be happy to have a healthy, happy child and not consider the race of the infant. Does this mean the couple is racist?

Many women all over the world either can not have a child due to medical reasons or have had children who are born unhealthy or do not live very long. Those women would give anything to have a healthy child.

Jennifer was given a healthy child, even if the baby doesn't look the way she imagined, and Cramblett sounds quite horrible for complaining about this.

She should realize how lucky she is to have a healthy child when some people can't have a child at all.

This is one reason why I am somewhat against people being able to choose the hair color, eye color and race of their child in sperm banks. I know they have the right to, but when a mix up happens, then it causes all kinds of problems for the sperm bank and the parents.

Midwest Sperm Bank should still be held accountable for their mix up, but at the end of the day - a beautiful baby girl was born.

Jennifer should accept this mistake and love her new little girl.

Do you think Jennifer should file a negligence claim against Midwest Sperm Bank? Or should she be happy with the healthy daughter she has? 

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