It. Is. A. Night. Mare.

Back when I was a skinny mini around 18 years old, I was a DD which I was perfectly happy with!

Then when I got curvy and thicc as hell, I slowly went up to my current size which is F.

They are a bloody NUISANCE!

DD is still big but you can fit into normal clothes, normal bikinis and generally wear most things without causing parents to shield their children’s eyes and giving old men heart attacks.

Bigger though, and it is a serious challenge finding clothes for work that are still age appropriate and trendy, but aren’t wildly inappropriate in a professional environment. I have way too many high necks and turtle necks for any one person. One look at my closet without context and you’d think I was a middle aged librarian.

I gave up on bikinis years ago as I just straight up cannot enjoy myself wearing one anymore. Not only is it insanely difficult to find pretty, supportive ones for large sizes but even when you do find a gem – it looks like you’re in the cast of “Hustlers” and you simply cannot walk around carefree without the hair on your neck standing up from all the eyeballs staring at you.

It’s one pieces or nothing now, and even THOSE are inappropriate half the time.

Enjoy sleeping on your belly or sunbathing? Sucks to be you!

The funniest shirt I have ever seen is the one that says "PEOPLE SUCK" and it fits perfectly: Get yours here!

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