George Conway Spews Another Anti-Trump Tweet and Faces the Jury

George Conway is running his mouth again, spewing his anti-Trump nonsense. He almost sounds like he's rooting for the virus, and Geraldo slams Conway for it. In fact, a lot of people trashed Conway.

How is Kellyanne married to this guy? He looks and talks like a dumpster that's been filled with fecal matter from a rabies infested raccoon.

Captain TDS said "It’s been 118 days since @realDonaldTrump said covid-19 cases “would go down to zero,” 61 days since he suggested doctors inject household cleaning solutions into people, 3 days since he said he slowed down testing, and 6 hours since he said he wasn’t kidding about that."

The funniest shirt I have ever seen is the one that says "PEOPLE SUCK" and it fits perfectly: Get yours here!

And then the mob jumped in and destroyed Conway.

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