Gary Sinise gives new Smart Home to Ex-Green Beret who lost both legs in Afghanistan

Gary Sinise, a famous actor, best known for his great role in "Forrest Gump" movie as "Lt. Dan," just gave a smart home to an ex-veteran who lost both legs during combat in Afghanistan.

Caleb Brewer from Tucson enlisted in the U.S. Army reserves almost 15 years ago, in 2005. Seven years later, in 2012 he joined Green Berets. In 2015, he was deployed to Afghanistan, where he was seriously injured in the combat. He lost his two legs, but before that, he had to face infections, blood clots and traumatic brain injury. He survived, but without his two legs, and in 2016 he retired.

Caleb, being just 31 when he retired, didn't give up on his life. He learned how to walk using prosthetics. Today, he not only trains for his own health, but also helps the other disabled people to rebuild their bodies, mental health and life.

Gary Sinise on the other hand, known for his amazing roles in many movies has been known as a veteran supporter since the 70s. After the 9/11 attacks, he founded the Gary Sinise Foundation to support military families. When Sinise found about Brewer, he encouraged him to apply for the Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment (RISE) program. Its aim is to build special homes and vehicles, specially adapted for the vets with disabilities.

Brewer got accepted for the new, special smart house. It was finished on February 6th of this year. Home has special features made especially for ex-Green Beret. He can control many of its functions with a single handheld remote. There were also installed pocket doors and wheelchair-friendly tilted mirrors.

Caleb Brewer said, that "it’s incredibly overwhelming in a good way."He also added, that "it doesn’t feel real," and he "would never expect it in a million years."

Gary Sinise and his foundation run various projects to help ex-veterans. For example, it runs the so-called Relief and Resiliency program, where veteran families are provided with therapeutic retreats to some interesting locations, like Disney World.

Sinise also has his own band, named Lt. Dan Band, after his character in "Forrest Gump" movie, with which he plays concerts in various US military bases around the world.

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