Former NFL star Herschel Walker levels Biden: 'You Don’t Determine Who We Vote For'

Former NFL star Herschel Walker took one look at Democrat Joe Biden's comment, when he suggested that black voters who can't decide between him or Trump "ain't black," and had some crushing feedback of his own. Walker took shots at the former vice president, stating that he does not "determine who we vote for."

It all happened when Joe Biden was on a video interview with a show called "The Breakfast Club" and its host Charlamagne tha God. Joe Biden was talking about indecisive voters who couldn't decide if they liked Biden or Trump, and Biden suggested that any black voters who prefer Trump over Biden simply are not black.

Biden's campaign advisor, Symone Sanders, said Biden's comments were in jest.

Biden apologized too, but that didn't matter because the comments were already made and on video. There's simply no taking it back or denying it.

Walkers big response was this, "Wow. I just watched former Vice President @JoeBiden... Does he not understand that black and brown skinned people can think for themselves. You don’t determine who we vote for."

Walker wasn't the only big response. Several other prominent figures also responded.

Here's something your Democrat neighbors won't like! Tap here to check it out!

Vernon Jones, a Democrat, unleashed a big message to Joe Biden on video. And more soon to follow.

Joe Biden also trended on Twitter, but with a hashtag he probably would not approve of. Twitter users got #JoeBidenIsRacist to trend and the comments took off like a rocket.

One comic from 2014 has also resurfaced, showing how the Democratic Party tries to make the GOP look racist, but stressing the fact it might be the other way around.

Walker also had a nice message reminding people to stay healthy.

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