Two obese women claim they're too fat to work, would rather milk the taxpayers

Janice Manzur, 44, and daughter Amber, 25, are two fat ladies who weight about 600 pounds combined. They claim they are too fat to work. They also claim that they would rather milk the welfare system and be fat, than go to work and be thin and healthy.

One look at these behemoth's will make everyone feel better about themselves.

They are milking the system and stealing tax payer money. They deserve to be cut off the welfare benefits and forced to get a job and lose weight.

They are a strain on the tax payer as much as they are a strain on a new pair of shoes trying to carry someone who is 300 pounds of lard.

These women are disgusting.

A mother and daughter who reportedly weigh a total of 43 stone and receive £34,000 a year in handouts say they'd rather be happy and on benefits than depressed and thin.

Janice Manzur, 44, and her daughter Amber, 25, use mobility scooters as their weight means they struggle to get around, while Janice's home in Kirkcaldy, Fife, has been modified by the council to accommodate her disability.

Mother-of-two Janice has been claiming benefits since 2006, while her daughter has not worked for more than two years.

Together they reportedly receive around £33,600 in benefits a year, which is the equivalent of someone earning £46,000 a year before tax.

But the pair have no plans to diet, and say they are happy being overweight, despite the risks of obesity-related health issues.

'I'd rather my daughter live life on benefits being fat and happy than depressed and thin,' Janice, who weighs 26st, told The Sun's Jenny Francis.

I guarantee you that no one is FAT and HAPPY. Everyone who is fat wishes they were skinny and in shape. There is no fun in not being able to fit on a toilet, not being able to fit on an airplane, and sweating when you bend over to tie your shoes before you get on your fat person scooter.

If someone is obese and tells you they're happy, then they're lying to your face. Not only that, but they probably stink like fromunda cheese that has built up over the years.We cannot let fat become a normalized thing. We need to encourage people to stop eating buckets of pizza flavored ice cream and start incorporating a darn salad in their life.

Help the fat people by encouraging them to work out, eat healthy, and not accept a bad lifestyle filled with shameful waste of the tax payers money and horrible obesity.

If you're fat and reading this, then please go to a gym, get a better diet, and start taking care of yourself. Your family and friends care about you, so you need to start caring about yourself and stop being a fatso.

Do you want to be like this? Do you want to be a fat family with matching fat person scooters? Do something about it. Fix your life and be happy!

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