Big company pledges $1 million to GA activists fighting voter law, but requires ID for curbside pickup

Here's another big corporation getting mixed into politics who should just stay out of politics and stick to selling their gear. The company is called Patagonia and they make some really cool outdoors gear, but now they're getting into politics and it's just making them look like a hypocrite.

They recently pledged $1 million to some activist groups in Georgia who are fighting Gov. Brian Kemp's recent law that suggests they need to provide ID for mail voting. However, when you go to Patagonia's website, then you will see they require a photo ID for anyone who places an order for curbside pickup. I took a screenshot of it in case they ever changed their website.


So how are they going to support fighting against a law that wants people to show ID and prove who they are, when they themselves are asking people to show photo ID and prove who they are?

Sure, voting and buying things are not the same - but if we need to show ID to prove we bought a pair of shoes or a hat, then shouldn't we show photo ID to prove who we are when it comes to voting?

Seriously!! Imagine needing to show an ID for a hat you bought, but not to make a big decision on voting. This is the dumb sh-t we're dealing with right now!

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We vote on politicians to make big decisions that affect our lives - this is way more important than anything we can buy at a store.

Yet for some odd reason, people have the nerve to suggest needing ID to vote is some form of suppression or racism.

OK - if I don't have an ID then is that suppression of the customer too? I can't do curbside pickup with Patagonia if I don't have an ID, but I can vote on a politician who can change laws for my entire state?

Does anyone else realize how absolutely STUPID this is?

This is getting ridiculous! They should have spent that money donating to people fighting homelessness or something more useful.

Maybe Patagonia needed a tax write off and wanted to look cool for their customers. It's cool they give money to groups doing something, but these groups fighting a law that requires ID to vote are a huge waste of time. That million dollars could've bought a ton of IDs for people who needed them.

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