'Best day ever!' Man accepts big job, shows literally no emotion

Sometimes you can't hide your feelings, and that's the case with Arturo Herrera, Mexico's new finance minister. While President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador introduces him to the public, everyone could see on Herrera's face that he is not at all happy about his new job.

Even though this position guarantees him a high salary and other benefits, he is probably worried because the former minister of finances left the job in a hurry, since country's economy is on a downward spiral.

While Lopez Obrador spoke for almost six minutes about the current situation and blamed the government for economic problems, Herrera looked like a man who would rather be anywhere else. The result is that no one knows what the President said, as people are trying to interpret what was in the mind of poor Arturo Herrera.

Internet users are laughing at the moment, as most of them say that their new finance minister was thinking about resigning or that he should have studied something else.

Still, the favorite is meme with him looking grim as the words say, "Best day ever!"

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Expert for body language and behavior Jesus Enrique Rosas claims that the general public is right, as Herrera was acting unusual. For example, he blinked around 60 times per minute, which is four times more than the average.

That is a clear sign that he was very nervous. When the President promised that the economy will get better now, Herrera was blinking, even more, combined with gulping and body gestures that are a clear sign of uneasiness, claims Rosas.

The same day Herrera was talking to the press and looked relaxed. The finance minister spoke to reporters with a smile on his face, telling them that the situation seems ironic to him, as in the past, he was criticized for laughing too much.

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