by Frank

July 25, 2020

Tucker Carlson demolished Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot in his recent rant on Fox News. Carlson shamed the Mayor and her failing city that’s being taken apart by crime. Meanwhile, she’s busy having a statue of Christopher Columbus removed and there was just a shootout at a funeral where at least 14 people were injured. Because, priorities, right?

Now Tucker Carlson seems mad and he’s calling her out for bowing to the Antifa mob and suggests that the activists won’t stop at statues. Maybe they’ll start taking down buildings or maybe even people.

Here’s a quote from Tucker Carlson shaming the mayor while suggesting that the Antifa “mob” might be coming for people next.

In case you are wondering why Lightfoot chose Christopher Columbus to blame for her city’s decline — why not Marco Polo? Why not Vasco de Gama? There’s a reason. Her constituents demanded it. Not voters or taxpayers. There was never any groundswell of opposition to Christopher Columbus in Chicago. He’s not on the list of concerns for most people there. No, Lightfoot’s actual constituents wanted Columbus taken down. Her actual constituents are Antifa. Last week, the mob descended on Grant Park to take down the Columbus statue. Almost 50 police officers were injured in the riot you just saw. But Lori Lightfoot did not care. They’re not her voters. Lightfoot cares about her base: the looters, the destroyers, the angry Marxist rich kids with the spray paint. When they tell her to act, Lori Lightfoot acts immediately.

The problem for the rest of us is, the mobs will not stop with Christopher Columbus. He’s just the beginning. If they can tear down statues whenever they feel like it, how long before they tear down buildings? How long before they tear down homes? How long before they tear down human beings? Probably not very long. Violence rarely remains symbolic. It accelerates until good people rise up to stop it. If Lori Lightfoot and progressive mayors like her around the country, and there are many, are allowed to divert attention from their own failures by bowing to the mob and destroying public property, this will not end with Christopher Columbus. It will get much worse, and it will get more dangerous. You may not think tearing down a statue is a big deal until you are the next designated Christopher Columbus. (quote from Breitbart)

Let’s just be honest here, who even cares about a statue?

I don’t. I didn’t know where any of them were until the protesters hunted them down just to complain about them and knock them over.

Throw all the statues in the ocean for all I care – nothing changes history, so the statues are meaningless anyway.


It’s a pointless piece of concrete and it’s an even more pointless activity to take them down.

History is written and cannot be changed, no matter how good or bad it is, and no matter how many statues the activists topple. Nothing is changing the past, but we can forge the future, and if 2020 is the model year to go by, well then we’re in a lot of trouble if we don’t all get our act together.




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