by Frank

December 17, 2020

Tucker Carlson completely skewers Dr. Jill Biden by suggesting that someone experiencing a health emergency would not want to see “Doctor” Jill Biden. He mocks her for having a doctorate in education and not being a real doctor who serves in the medical or science community.

Carlson continues on, suggesting how embarrassing she is to higher education by having a doctorate in something like education and he rips into her most likely boring dissertation.

At one point Tucker punches so far down he probably scraped his knuckles on her low swinging ego when he suggested that she might even be “borderline illiterate.” Now clearly, Jill Biden is literate because she can clearly tweet, so she’s obviously literate, but his joke makes perfect sense for the lady who’s literally demanding respect and to be called doctor when she’ll never come close to being as intelligent or skilled as a real doctor. That’s just my opinion and I don’t care if you like it or not.

There’s people on Twitter saying how difficult it is to obtain a PhD. Well, it’s actually not difficult at all, especially in a subject like education. In fact, that’s one of the easiest PhD’s to attain because it’s literally so easy.

To get a PhD is simple. First you get the undergrad degree. Then you sign up for a masters degree which is usually 28-30 credits. Then you sign up for the PhD which is usually another 28-30 credits. That’s pretty much it. You do the coursework and requirements, whatever they might be, and you get your shiny piece of paper that says you’re a doctor. Even though you’re not a real doctor, you did the doctorate level degree.

Perhaps if you’re not in the medical or science fields, then your doctorate should just be called a Masters+. You’re not a real doctor, you’re just someone who did 60 credits after their undergrad degree.


Is Jill Biden going to save someone’s life when they’re having a medical emergency? Is she who you call when you’re having trouble breathing? No, not at all. What if there’s a real doctor on a plane an “Doctor” Jill Biden and you don’t feel very well – who would you rather talk to?

Watch the video:

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