by Frank

July 29, 2021

President Joe Biden arrived in PA to tour Mack Truck and talk about manufacturing, but he had to drive by a hostile pro-Trump crowd on his way.

The pro-Trump crowd was out in full force with Trump flags, signs, and even one flag that said “Joe Biden is an (picture of a donkey) Hole” and I couldn’t stop laughing. That was such a great sign.

Another guy was wearing a Ramen Noodle shirt and that was great. The energy was very high as the Trump supporters were having a great time and supporting their favorite former president.

It looks like they had one of the flags we sell too, so if that’s you holding up the Trump 2024 Take America Back flag, then thank you!!

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take america back flag trump 2024

When it comes to Joe Biden, he had a small crowd out there too and they seemed to have a lot less energy. One person looked like she was wearing a Green New Deal shirt. I’d like to know if she’s aware that Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal was voted down in Senate and Democrats helped crush it.

I don’t want to talk bad about President Joe Biden’s followers, because I’m sure they’re good people – but did they really think Joe Biden would lead the country with Kamala Harris and actually do a good job? I know Trump’s personality is too tough for a lot of people to handle and his Twitter account was the best thing since sliced bagels, but what were Joe’s voters thinking?

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Mean tweets and a good economy is way better than whatever Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing. wait, are they doing anything at all?

Remember how long it took Kamala Harris to visit the out-of-control border? And now that she stopped by El Paso, where it’s really nothing compared to being in the critical zone and UP close and personal AT the border – what has she done since?

It’s like Kamala Harris is all talk and no action, a literal dog and pony show. She took the job as vice president to enjoy the benefits of getting paid and it’s not like she was chosen for her skills or stunning personality.

We can look at her poll scores when she ran for president against Joe Biden and how low she performed. We can look at her popularity within her state of California and see she wasn’t exactly the most talked about face in town – in a good way, that is.

So to all the Joe Biden voters, all 81 million of you – what exactly did you see in Joe and Kamala that you thought they could do better? And don’t say “nice tweets” because that’s not what we voted on.

We should always look at policy as the driving force behind our votes. If we look at their spray tan like Trump or dwindling ability to form a coherent sentence like Biden, then we’re voting wrong.

When midterms arrive, I hope everyone votes based on policy, and if you don’t know what the candidate stands for, then educate yourself or don’t bother voting.

2020 brought us what might be the worst president and vice president we’ve seen in ages – and it has nothing to do with Twitter. It’s about what they’re doing to America and I don’t like what I see.

Do you?

Was inflation on your top ten list of reasons why Joe Biden should totally be president?

Was border disaster on your list too?

Please do tell us why anyone voted for Joe Biden.

Legitimate reasons only.




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