by Frank

July 18, 2021

When you’re fed up, you’re fed up!

At least one troll-trucking Trump supporter is tired of the Joe Biden regime in the White House. This person has written some anti-Joe Biden and anti-Hunter Biden notes on their own vehicle, turning it into a troll-mobile for all to see and read.

One of the messages accuses Hunter Biden of using his art sales as a means of money laundering and using the White House to basically cover it up.

Of course, skeptics will say that’s just a conspiracy theory because there’s no proof of that happening, but – there’s still a possibility that it could happen, especially if the people buying Hunter Biden’s art are anonymous. So no, there’s no evidence, but there will always be that “what if” that’s what they’re doing thought process considering Hunter Biden’s reputation.

Here’s the photos of the truck and they are uncensored. There’s a funny, yet profane, word describing Joe Biden that some people might get quite a laugh at!

truck1 1 truck2 truck3 truck4




So what happens if you see this truck in a parking lot and you’re a Joe Biden fan? Well, nothing. It’s not your truck. Not everyone has to like the same president. Whenever I see Biden stickers on people’s cars, I leave them alone as well.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Just kidding, I’ve actually never seen a Joe Biden sticker on someone’s car.

I STILL see Trump stickers  on people’s cars though.

I honestly don’t know how Joe Biden won…. and I’ll just leave the door open on that one!

It’s just very odd the amount of public support I see for Trump compared to that of Joe Biden and, if you lived around me, you would think Joe Biden didn’t even exist.

There’s just not much around here for him and I live in a Democrat city. Weird, right?




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