by Frank

August 11, 2021

If there was ever a tragic day in Andrew Cuomo’s career, it was every time someone died in a New York nursing home. Or maybe it was a tragic day when he was harassing women who didn’t want anything to do with his repulsive self.

But was it tragic to see a disgusting monster resign from his position of power over New York? No, it was a long overdue resignation that should have been done ages ago when his failed administration first ruined nursing homes during the pandemic.

Then comes Hollywood hoagie Alec Baldwin who wants to blame cancel culture for Cuomo resigning. Baldwin wants to act like it’s the mob coming for a guy who did no wrong, when in fact, people literally died because of Cuomo’s decisions and Baldwin is acting like that’s cancel culture.

No, Alec. Cancel culture is when you say something stupid, like what you said, and people want to stop seeing your movies or boycott you.

Andrew Cuomo is responsible for countless deaths and harassed women – his resignation is not cancel culture, it’s the beginning of justice for the victims he created.

And let’s not stop at resignation. Let’s put Andrew Cuomo in jail. Sit that monster in general pop and let the inmates deal with him.


And what you, Alec Baldwin, do not get – is that no matter how stupid tweet about Cuomo is, people will still see your movies. You said something stupid and you won’t face cancel culture over it.

Smart people don’t care if actors have a bad take or say something stupid. Smart people don’t boycott over things like that. Smart people don’t participate in stupid cancel culture antics because cancel culture is for losers.

But smart people also know that when a monster causes people to die or harasses women, that they are a terrible person and the victims deserve justice.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Here’s what Alec Baldwin said about Andrew Cuomo’s resignation: “Regardless of what you think of Cuomo, this is a tragic day. Party politics in this country draw ambitious but ultimately isolated, even socially maladjusted men and women who, given the current cancel culture, will likely have their shortcomings exposed and magnified

It’s very safe to say the replies didn’t all go in Baldwin’s favor. In fact, it seems like most of them called him out for his stupid post. And please, Alec, don’t delete this message. We want to see how stupid you are forever.

Then there’s this lady Christine King. Oh my goodness, could she be even worse than Baldwin?

How can we attract good political candidates? I don’t know, maybe pick ones whose decisions won’t kill people in a nursing home or sexually harass women at work?

Those are two good starting points, right? It’s not hard to find people who can do better than that, right? JFC Christine, do you not have any common sense at all?

My goodness. How dense is the window you’re licking?

Of course, Siraj shows up. If there’s a bad tweet on the Internet, you can be sure he appears to put you on his list.

Thankfully, none of my tweets were as bad as Alec Baldwin.

Here is Beth. She claims to be an alien. It is currently unproven, but her tweet was ON FIRE!!!

For someone who drums with a machete, they sure are hilarious. This tweet had me laughing!!

Jordan is on to something here. Kept it simple, stupid. We need more Jordan’s in this place!


David Shankbone, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Delta News Hub, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons




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