by Frank

July 22, 2021

Republican Sen. John Barrasso claims Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director nominee, Tracy Stone-Manning, of lying to the committee about her being linked to a tree spiking plot from 1989 and he demands a NO vote on her.

Barrasso tells the audience that even the Washington Post suggests that tree spiking is considered Eco-terrorism.

After watching this video and seeing the news clip below, there’s no way she should be anywhere near a government position, and it’s people like her who create the SWAMP in politics.

AP reported on this, stating the following:

As a 23-year-old graduate student at the University of Montana, Stone-Manning sent a letter to federal officials in 1989 saying spikes had been inserted into trees in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest. The profanity-laced letter warned “a lot of people could get hurt” if logging proceeded, according to court documents obtained by The Associated Press from federal archives.

Spiking trees involves inserting metal or ceramic rods into trunks so they can’t be safely cut down, and the tactic has sometimes been used to halt timber sales.

But she purposely never went to the police and did not cooperate with investigators, meaning she was just trying to cover herself, but still wanted the spiked trees to be effective and possibly injure people.


Stone-Manning testified against two friends who were convicted in the case, saying she mailed the letter at the request of one of them and to prevent people from getting hurt. She was given immunity to testify and was never charged with any crimes.

The case received extensive media coverage at the time, and Stone-Manning years later had to explain her involvement to Montana lawmakers prior to her confirmation to lead the state’s environment agency under former Gov. Steve Bullock.

So again, she was trying to save herself by throwing her friends under the bus. She was fully aware of what was going on and likely just as guilty as anyone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was nailing spikes in the trees herself, but of course, we don’t know if she did or not.

Barrasso reminds the audience that Tracy Stone-Manning wrote a threatening letter during the incident. She claims the letter was to warn people of the tree spikes, but she never went to the police or told anyone who could actually help prevent people from being injured.

This is absolutely disturbing that Tracy Stone-Manning is even remotely connected to an event like this. Even though it happened in 1989, it’s still disgusting and she should not be in any form of government positions.

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She allegedly knew who the tree-spikers were, but never informed the authorities. She was considered an active member of the group who committed the eco-terrorist act and when she was approached by authorities, she didn’t tell anyone who was responsible for it.

Once she was caught, she finally flipped for a deal to save herself.

She claimed to the committee that the investigation was an “alleged tree-spiking” incident. She lied about it when she said NO, that she didn’t know about it. It’s really bad when a cop and a criminal speak out against her, saying she knew about the plot to spike trees all along.

So basically, she’s a terrible person who should never work for government.

Then again, politicians are disgusting people too – so maybe she’s the perfect creature for the swamp.

And of course, the White House is letting us all down by standing up for Barrasso:




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