by Frank

July 23, 2021

Senators are debating President Joe Biden’s Bureau of Land Management Director nominee, Tracy Stone-Manning, and if she lied, or did not lie, during a testimony before the Senate.

Stone-Manning is also accused of spending time with eco-terrorists who were part of a tree spiking plot in 1989 – and this is who Dem. Sen. Joe Manchin is defending. Go figure!

This video shows Sen. Manchin getting owned by Republican Sen. James Risch, who clearly does not want Stone-Manning to be part of Joe Biden’s administration based on her alleged involvement in the 1989 incident. And it’s somewhat disturbing that Manchin is defending her to begin with.

Here are some details from Stone-Manning’s alleged connection to the tree spiking incident of 1989, as reported by My Northwest:

President Joe Biden’s nominee to oversee federal lands in the U.S. West is facing Republican pressure to withdraw over her ties to environmental activists convicted of spiking trees to sabotage a national forest timber sale more than 30 years ago.

U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, the ranking Republican on the Senate energy committee, said Friday that U.S. Bureau of Land Management nominee Tracy Stone-Manning should be disqualified for her collaboration with “extreme environmental activists.”

I agree. There should not be anyone with Stone-Manning’s mentality in our government. She seems very extreme to me and her way of thinking and her possible connection to that tree spiking nonsense is enough for me to say NO THANKS.


As a 23-year-old graduate student at the University of Montana, Stone-Manning sent a letter to federal officials in 1989 saying spikes had been inserted into trees in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest. The profanity-laced letter warned “a lot of people could get hurt” if logging proceeded, according to court documents obtained by The Associated Press from federal archives.

Spiking trees involves inserting metal or ceramic rods into trunks so they can’t be safely cut down, and the tactic has sometimes been used to halt timber sales.

I believe she was doing that to cover her own tracks and double-cross the people she was connected to. She sounds sneaky to me, but that’s just my opinion and not to be confused with fact. Just reading the articles about the incident and how she flipped on people to cop a plea deal says all we need to know about her.

Stone-Manning testified against two friends who were convicted in the case, saying she mailed the letter at the request of one of them and to prevent people from getting hurt. She was given immunity to testify and was never charged with any crimes.

The case received extensive media coverage at the time, and Stone-Manning years later had to explain her involvement to Montana lawmakers prior to her confirmation to lead the state’s environment agency under former Gov. Steve Bullock.

She mailed a letter which could’ve taken days to arrive and no idea if it was read fast enough to prevent anyone from being injured.

Did she bother walking into a police station to notify people THAT DAY and potentially save people from injury RIGHT AWAY?

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No. She did not, because if she did, then that would mean she was honestly trying to save people from injury.

Writing a letter and placing it in the pony express means she wants something to happen, but then also wants to cover her own tracks and act like a good guy.

Come on, man! We’ve watched enough cop shows on television to know this looks like a plot from CSI Miami!

If I was voting on having her join the administration, I would vote no on Tracy Stone-Manning.

It seems like she’s out for her own good and can’t be trusted after she flipped on her friends.

Do we really want a selfish snitch working in government?




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